Working with a science tutor whilst studying science at school can be a great investment in many ways. Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers are growing at a greater rate than non-STEM careers. STEM fields are often seen as difficult, and few students are willing to take on the challenge, discouraged by early failures. A good science tutor can help students reach their learning goals in STEM subjects, by supporting them in many important ways.
In a classroom setting, individual students will often have problems with some concepts, but as teachers are not able to address each individual problem, these students can often get left behind. This becomes a bigger problem as later work is added which builds on earlier concepts.
Working alongside with a 1 to 1 science tutor can help a student speed up their learning development as well as answer specific questions along the way that the student may have. A gap in foundational understanding can undermine students’ entire understanding of a subject, and prevent them from gaining confidence in their own abilities. This often leaves students with a conviction that science is too difficult for them. Working with a private science tutor can help eliminate this problem and enhance their learning experience.
A science tutor can provide 1 to 1 attention to ensure every concept is understood, so students don’t fall behind. Tutors have the time to revise foundational concepts and make sure that the learner’s understanding is solid and can support additional new concepts. Students who can understand the fundamentals also tend to have increased self-confidence, and are more likely to succeed.